Massive asteroid heading directly toward Earth

Massive asteroid heading directly toward Earth
5 hazardous asteroid, ranging in size from 252 feet to 12 feet, are on course to approach Earth soon.

A swarm of asteroid is expected to approach Earth in the coming days, according to a new NASA warning. One of them is a massive 252 feet tall, while another will travel closer to Earth than the Moon! Learn what information NASA has provided on these space pebbles.

The 12-foot asteroid 2022 WM7 will pass Earth at a distance much closer than the Moon in 2022! The asteroid , designated Asteroid 2022 WM7, will come within barely 78500 kilometers of Earth today, November 28, according to a warning from NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

Tomorrow, November 29, a massive asteroid with a size range of 62 feet to 141 feet will fly past Earth by a very narrow margin. Asteroid 2022 WS5 will be 1.8 million kilometers away from the planet when it makes its closest approach. At an astounding 42128 kilometers per hour, the asteroid is speeding towards the planet.

Asteroid 2022 VB2 – Tomorrow, November 29, at a distance of 3.4 million kilometers, the asteroid 2022 VB2 will come within 3.4 million kilometers of Earth. The asteroid, which ranges in width from 78 to 177 feet, is heading toward the planet at a speed of 30395 kilometers per hour.

Asteroid 2022 WE5 – NASA has warned the public about the threat posed by this asteroid. On November 30, at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers, this asteroid, which ranges in size from 26 to 59 feet, will pass quite close by Earth. With a stunning speed of 30441 kilometers per hour, the asteroid is already heading toward Earth.

Asteroid 2022 WO7-NASA has issued a warning that an asteroid with the designation Asteroid 2022 WO7 is on its way to Earth and will likely fly very close to the planet on November 30. Asteroid 2022 WO7 is already heading in our direction as it travels at a startling 3754 kilometers per hour. The asteroid, which ranges in width from 111 to 252 feet, will only be 4.8 million kilometers away from Earth when it makes its closest approach.



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