A picture of Jubin Nautiyal from his hospital bed after an accident thanks God and his fans for their love.

A picture of Jubin Nautiyal from his hospital bed after an accident thanks God and his fans for their love.
Update on Jubin Nautiyal's health: He was released from the hospital and is currently doing well. The 33-year-old was hurt earlier on Friday after falling down the steps.

Mumbai: Jubin Nautiyal, a well-known Bollywood playback singer, thanked his fans on Friday for their support and well wishes while giving thanks to god for sparing his life in the tragic event. Jubin uploaded a photo of himself in the hospital on Instagram along with the remark, “Health updates.” “I’m grateful for everyone’s blessings. God protected me in that tragic accident because He was watching over me. I was released from the hospital and am doing great. I appreciate your unending love and kind prayers.”

The singer’s followers and business associates commented as soon as he uploaded the update. Get well soon, dear brother, wrote rapper and singer Badshah. Kanika Kapoor, a singer, left a comment, writing, “Oh noo.. sending u hugs.” The crew for the ‘Tum Hi Aana’ singer claims that Jubin had surgery on his right arm.

He is discharged from the hospital and is doing fine now. Earlier on Friday, the 33-year-old fell down the stairs and was injured. He broke his elbow, cracked his ribs and hurt his head after the unfortunate incident, as per the Manike singer’s team. After learning about the unfortunate incident, Jubin`s fans took to social media and wished him a speedy recovery.

Get well soon, Jubin,” a fan on social media said. “I hope you heal quickly. regain your strength, “Yet another wrote. On the professional front, Jubin recently took the stage for a live concert in Dubai. Additionally, he wrote the songs Yu Tere Hue Hum from the Kajol-starring film Salaam Venky and Bana Sharabi from the Govinda Naam Mera starring Vicky Kaushal.



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