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Aamir Khan breaks up as he recalls family’s financially challenging days: The phrase “Abba jaan ko dekh ke takleef hoti thi”

When Aamir Khan remembered how his father took out loans for movies that he couldn't afford to pay back, his eyes started to well up.
Aamir Khan breaks up as he recalls family's financially challenging days: The phrase "Abba jaan ko dekh ke takleef hoti thi"

The actor Aamir Khan claims that when he was growing up, there were many misconceptions regarding the financial stability of his family. Everyone felt that because Tahir Hussain was a film producer, he would lead a comfortable life. But this wasn’t always the case. (See also: Manav Vij believes Netflix users should send $500 to Aamir Khan instead of apologising after watching Laal Singh Chaddha.)

Aamir described how the family went through a significant downturn when he was around 10 years old in an interview with Humans of Bombay. For a movie that didn’t get made for almost eight years, his father had borrowed money at interest. Aamir left the interview for a while to collect himself after being emotional when recalling the incident.

He explained that he frequently becomes very emotional as he returned, telling the interviewer not to worry. When asked about those days, he said, “Thing that would distress us most was Abba Jaan ko dekh ka” (seeing our father). as a result of his simplicity. He said, “Perhaps he didn’t have the common sense to know that he shouldn’t have taken up so much debt. Aamir claimed that because movie tickets were typically sold to people of colour, producers frequently did not receive their dues. Even if some of his father’s movies were successful, he “never had money,” the man continued. “Un logon ke phone aate the jinse paise liye hain. Unko issue mein dekh ke takleef hoti thi.Phone pe ki’main kya karu, mere paas paise nahi hai’ unka jhagda shuru hojata. ‘Mere actors ko boliye dates dein mujhe, main kya karu, meri film atki hai. (Therefore, seeing him in danger would pain us. we used to get calls from lenders. He would argue with individuals on the phone while pleading with them for help since his film was stuck. Request dates from the actors.

Aamir added that his father continued to make sure to give everyone their money back. He recalled Mahesh Bhatt’s delight at receiving his money back for a movie after even he had given up hope for it.

The actor further stated that Aamir’s tuition was always covered, even during a financial crisis. He recalled, though, that his mother used to purchase them extra-long pants and fold the hem in so they could use them for a longer period of time.

Aamir’s most recent film, Laal Singh Chaddha, was favourably received after it was made available on Netflix but did poorly at the box office. His upcoming endeavour has not yet been revealed.



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