Abdu Rozik was out from “Bigg Boss”

Abdu Rozik was out from "Bigg Boss"
The precap also saw Abdu departure, which almost everyone was saddened and emotional about.

Revealing that Abdu has left the Bigg Boss house

After an eventful week, everyone was looking forward to seeing more fireworks on Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan.

The saga in question, as expected, was that of what happened to Abdu Abdu on Nimrit Ahluwalia’s birthday.

The ‘I love tatti’ prank was widely condemned, and host Salman Khan chastised Sajid Khan for being two-faced about it.

Following this, Abdu’s team issued a statement expressing their disappointment with the discriminatory behaviour directed at him.

Nonetheless, another shocking piece of news has emerged, revealing that Abdu has left the Bigg Boss house.

That’s correct. According to the precap and reports, Abdu is out of the house and medical grounds, and if things improve, he will be back inside the house soon.

The precap also saw Abdu’s departure, which almost everyone was saddened and emotional about.



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