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After parting up with Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal is engaged to Apurva Padgaonkar.

After splitting from Varun Sood earlier this year, Divya Agarwal is now engaged to Apurva Padgaonkar. The actress posted gorgeous images from the proposal along with the joyful news.
After parting up with Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal is engaged to Apurva Padgaonkar.

Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal is currently engaged to Apurva Padgaonkar. Only a few months have passed since she called it quits with her longtime beau Varun Sood. Divya posted gorgeous pictures from the occasion along with the big announcement on her social media accounts. In the photos, Divya is seen showing off her distinctive engagement ring while simultaneously appearing startled and ecstatic. Divya tweeted some pictures and a cute caption along with them.

“Will my smile ever fade? Most likely not. My life has recently been more exciting, and I have met the ideal companion for this voyage. His #BaiCo.. An unbreakable vow. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll never again stroll alone “She composed.

Soon after the newlyweds posted photos, famous people gathered in the comments to congratulate them. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! And I overlooked THIS! Oh my God, I simply have the biggest heart for you, girl. I think this is the finest birthday present I’ve ever received! “Rakshanda Khan penned. Pavitra Punia, on the other hand, responded to the post by saying, “Oh my godddddddddddddd.. yesssss.. you folks.. sooooooooo happyyyyy (sic)!”

Sana Makbul, Arti Singh, Shardul Pandit, and Shefali Bagga were among others who also commented on the post.

For the uninitiated, the couple fell in love while filming the MTV reality series “Ace of Space” in 2018. Before taking part in the show, Varun and Divya were close friends. In the reality series, Sood expressed his love for Agarwal. They dated for four years before calling it quits in March of this year.

On her Instagram account, Agarwal revealed that she had separated from Sood. Agarwal sent a lengthy comment and attached a close-up photo of herself “The circus that is life! Try to keep everyone happy and don’t expect anything, but what happens when your level of self-love begins to dwindle?” Then she said, “I don’t hold anyone accountable for anything that is happening to me, no. It’s okay that I feel tense because I do. I’m fine with wanting to breathe and live for myself.”

Agarwal added the following when announcing the split: “I hereby formally declare that I am living on my own and that I intend to take my time and live how I please. No, it’s not always necessary to have sweeping declarations, justifications, and justifications for a decision. Just my decision to go is all.” The winner of “Bigg Boss OTT” closed the letter by promising to remain friends with Sood. “I cherish and adore every pleasant moment I’ve had with him. He’s a wonderful man! He will forever be my best friend; respect my choice “Finally, Agarwal said.



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