Aindrila Sharma’s sister Aishwarya writes heartbreaking note for her: ‘I am crippled without you’

Aindrila Sharma’s sister Aishwarya writes heartbreaking note for her: 'I am crippled without you'

Days after Aindrila Sharma’s death, the actor’s sister Aishwarya shared an emotional note. She also added their fond memories from childhood days with a rare glimpse of the late actor from hospital.

Bengali actor Aindrila Sharma’s sister Aishwarya Sharma posted several childhood photos of her, days after she died in Kolkata. Aishwarya also shared their throwback photo with Aindrila from their recent times and poured her heart out. She wrote in Bengali, “It’s been a long time, now come back soon, sister.”

“Without you, I am crippled. Now who will dress me up? Who will take my picture? Who will understand the unspoken words from my mouth? Who will fulfill all my heart desires like the genie of Aladdin’s lamp? Who can I hang out with? Who to party with? Who can I stay up all night watching movies and chatting with? Who can give me the right advice? Can you tell me how many plans we still have? Who will love me unconditionally? Who will fight the whole world for me, protect me?” she further added.

“I don’t have a best friend except you. You are my life force. In these 24 years, I have not learnt to do anything on my own. I know you are independent but your elder sister is very helpless without you. Come to me soon. I am waiting,” signed off the actor’s sister.



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