Anushka Sharma only “accepted” an enjoyable photo shoot day. Go To Her Post

Anushka Sharma is a multifaceted performer who is based in New Delhi.
Anushka Sharma is a multifaceted performer who is based in New Delhi.

Anushka stated in the caption, “We had to get together and rejoice now that the secret is officially out! It was a beautiful evening.”

Anushka Sharma is a multifaceted performer who is based in New Delhi. A glimpse of the actress, businesswoman, and producer’s busy schedule may be seen in her social media posts. Anushka has recently provided a sneak peek at a day in her life as an actor and Bollywood celebrity. She shows us inside an event for the athleisure brand Puma in a fresh-new video. Recently, she agreed to serve as its brand ambassador. Anushka may be seen getting ready for the announcement of her cooperation in the video. She can then be seen going to a store, engaging with customers, and posing for photos. Anushka said in the caption, “Now that the cat’s out of the bag,

In the meantime, Anushka Sharma made headlines personally when she posted a recent anniversary message to her husband, the talented cricketer Virat Kohli. She posted a series of humorous and heavily altered pictures of Virat and herself on the occasion. The first image on the carousel is a manipulated rendition of Anushka and Virat from the Pari poster. When a west Delhi guy finds a south Delhi girl, according to the second meme. A picture of Virat relaxing on a hospital bed the day after Anushka’s “long and hard labour” is shown after this. The personalised coffee mug with their image is shown on the fourth slide. There are then more natural and joyful pictures of the couple.

Anushka Sharma commented, “What better day than today to upload these gorgeous pictures to celebrate us, my love! ” when she shared the pics. Picture 1 shows me knowing that you always have my back. Picture 2: Always keeping our hearts full of appreciation (both getting incredibly lucky). Pic 3 shows you dozing off in a hospital bed the day after my protracted and traumatic labour. Pic 4: We maintain good taste in everything. Picture 5: An unidentified man. Pic 6: With your distinctive expressions, you make the majority of my images impossible to upload. “Cheers to us, my love, today, tomorrow, and always,” reads picture 7.

Anvita Dutt’s Qala recently had Anushka Sharma in a cameo for which she garnered a lot of positive attention. Anushka Sharma shared some behind-the-scenes photos of herself from the movie with the comment, “Koi kaise unhe ye samjhaye,” which she stole from the song she was in. How does one convey it to them, asks Anvita Dutt? Only you can reveal, Anvitaa Dutt. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Qala’s voyage.



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