Awesome news is shared by Rishab Shetty for Kantara fans.

Awesome news is shared by Rishab Shetty for Kantara fans.
Kantara, a PAN Indian box office sensation starring Rishab Shetty, has improved the reputation of Kannada cinema.

Even Rishab, though, was unprepared by the film’s resounding popularity. The movie is currently streaming on Prime Video following its theatrical run.

However, the removal of the Varaharoopam song from the movie as a result of a copyright issue infuriated Kantara fans the most. Now, actor and director Rishab has shared some fantastic news with the audience.

The original track would soon be added back to OTT at the request of fans, he wrote, adding that their team had won the case with the help of the Almighty. Well, this is undoubtedly fantastic news for movie fans.



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