Black Adam Box Office (Global): Dwayne Johnson’s movie is a box office failure and needs more than $200 million to break even?

Black Adam Box Office (Global): Dwayne Johnson's movie is a box office failure and needs more than $200 million to break even?
The box office performance of Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam initially began off strongly before declining. See its break-even point and other information below!

Expectations were high for DC’s Black Adam since it had all the makings of a potential box office smash. The movie actually lost steam after a promising beginning. The Dwayne Johnson-starring movie is currently in a rut and hoping to wrap out its global run shortly. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie, according to the most recent reports, which claim that it was a box office dud.

Trade anticipated that the movie, which had DC’s support and included Dwayne Johnson, one of the largest cinematic stars, would expand the DC Extended Universe. Henry Cavill as Superman-related leaks that surfaced just before the film’s debut also went popular online.Yes, it initially helped draw audiences to the theatres, but later on, the movie just couldn’t keep up the momentum.

Black Adam had a strong start in the home market (North America) with $67 million on the first weekend, but things dropped down after that. Variety said that the movie has made $387 million so far. Only 165 million of them come from the local market. According to the same report, the movie is losing money at the box office and has long since passed the break-even point.

According to reports, Black Adam has a $195 million budget, with marketing expenses as high as $80 million. The estimated global break-even point after all of these costs is $600 million. As we can see, there is a significant difference between the break-even point and the actual collection ($387 million). According to reports, the movie would incur losses between $50 to $100 million, which is a sizable sum.

However, according to Warner Bros. sources, Black Adam still needs to break even, which is estimated to cost $400 million.



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