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Box office: An Action Hero remains low, Bhediya soars by 70%, Drishyam 2 has a wild run, and Uunchai is stable.

The weekend box office total for Drishyam 2, Bhediya, An Action Hero, and Uunchai is expected to reach Rs 13.30 crore. Here is a thorough report.
Box office: An Action Hero remains low, Bhediya soars by 70%, Drishyam 2 has a wild run, and Uunchai is stable.

Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam 2’s three-week run at the box office is largely responsible for Saturday’s positive box office performance. On its third Saturday, the Abhishek Pathak-directed film is experiencing an increase of between 80 and 90 percent, according to trends that point to 7.75 to 8.50 crore in box office receipts. Since the night shows, which have been Drishyam 2’s biggest draw since its premiere, haven’t yet launched, the box office potential is larger.

Drishyam becomes a success.

The Ajay Devgn-starring film has become a smash hit and will shortly surpass $200 million at the Indian box office. This thriller has made about Rs 172.25 crore in its first 16 days of release, and by the conclusion of its third weekend, it will have passed the Rs 180 crore milestone. It will surpass Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’s box office receipts by Tuesday to become the third-highest-grossing movie of the year. Surprisingly, The Kashmir Files and these two are the only blockbusters of 2022.

Update on Bhediya and An Action Her

Bhediya, starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, was this weekend’s second-best choice at the box office, with trends pointing to a second Saturday take of between Rs 2.75 and 3.15 crore. This alien comedy has made around Rs 44.40 crore in the first nine days. The sum is little, and the movie’s lifetime gross is expected to be in the neighbourhood of Rs 60 crore. Looking at the film’s second Saturday’s performance, it increased by about 65 to 70 percent, and it isn’t declining like the majority of the other releases this year. The outcome, though, will still be disappointing and far below goals.

A little increase in sales for An Action Hero was also noted on Saturday, however overall sales are still at low levels. Early projections indicate that the film will earn between Rs 1.60 and Rs 2.00 crore on its opening day, bringing the two-day total to close to Rs 4.00 crore. Although the return of Saturday box office growth for multiplex movies is a positive, the base is simply too low for the increase to be noticed or celebrated.

Final Box Office for Uunchai

The Sooraj Barjatya-directed Uunchai is consistent and keeps putting up low figures. The movie is expected to earn around Rs 30 lakh on its fourth Saturday after earning Rs 17 lakh on Friday. Uunchai’s 23-day total is somewhere around Rs 28.45 crore, and it’s anticipated that the film would finish its charming little run around Rs 30 crore nett.

In total, the four movies made Rs 13.30 crore on Saturday, which is positive news for the Hindi box office. For more developments, keep checking Pinkvilla.



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