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Music can ease cancer patients

Listening to music lowers anxiety and elevates mood. According to a recent study, music therapy may help cancer patients feel less anxious.
Music can ease cancer patients

Cancer patients’ anxiety can be reduced with music therapy.

The Kulas Foundation, the top funder of scientific research in the field in the country, has previously supported significant music therapy studies at the University of Houston.

These studies looked at the effectiveness of the medical interventions for sickle cell disease, surgery, and palliative care.

According to a recent study by University Hospitals (UH) Connor Whole Health, music therapy significantly reduced pain and anxiety in cancer and sickle cell disease (SCD) patients receiving care at academic cancer centres.

Additionally, patients with hematologic and/or oncologic disorders excluding SCD reported significantly higher baseline levels of discomfort and anxiety than those with SCD who underwent music therapy.

This retrospective study is the largest investigation of the actual effectiveness of music therapy in haematology and oncology to date.

The music therapists at UH Connor Whole Health provided 4,002 music therapy sessions to 1,152 patients over the course of 2,400 encounters at UH Seidman Cancer Center.

Integrative Cancer Therapies, a journal, published the study.

The Kulas Foundation, the nation’s top provider of funding for scientific research in the field, has previously supported significant music therapy studies at the University of Houston.

“Throughout their cancer journey, patients and families can manage symptoms in a special and effective way thanks to the music therapy programmes offered at Seidman Cancer Center.

To ensure continuity of care during treatment transitional phases, music therapy services are specifically fully integrated throughout inpatient and outpatient units.

” the Lauren Rich-Fine Endowed Director of Expressive Therapies at UH Connor Whole Health, Seneca Block, said

The largest health system-based music therapy programme in the United States is run by UH Connor Whole Health.

Board-certified music therapists work with providers throughout the system to assist patients and their families in coping with the physical and psychological effects of illness or hospitalisation.

Additionally, UH Connor Whole Health offers a wide range of integrative health and medical modalities that are focused on patients’ overall well-being, such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and integrative medicine consultations.

Researchers compared the effectiveness of music therapy on pain, anxiety, and fatigue between adult patients with SCD and adult patients with hematologic and/or oncologic conditions excluding SCD in “Clinical Delivery and Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Hematology and Oncology: An EMMPIRE Retrospective Study,” which looked at the clinical delivery and effectiveness of music therapy at UH Seidman Cancer Center (the HemOnc group)

To meet patients’ needs for coping, pain management, anxiety reduction, and self-expression, music therapists offered interventions like live music listening, active music making, and songwriting.

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