Post by Lionel Messi for posterity

Post by Lionel Messi for posterity
Lionel Messi promised to continue playing for his country after the final, despite finally fulfilling his lifelong dream of winning the World Cup.

Argentina overcame France 4-2 on penalties in the World Cup final on Sunday at the Lusail Stadium, and Lionel Messi finally got his hands on the trophy.

For a long time, Lionel Messi has failed to win a World Cup, most notably in the 2014 final against Germany.

Lionel Messi, who scored two goals in the final, took to Instagram after Argentina won the World Cup to write an emotional message to the supporters. Lionel Messi stated that winning the title was his ambition and thanks the fans for their support during the process.

“World Champions! I’ve dreamed it so many times, wanted it so badly that I still haven’t fallen, I can’t believe it. Thank you very much to my family, to everyone who has supported me, and to everyone who has believed in us.

We have proven once again that when Argentines fight together and unite, we are capable of accomplishing what we set out to do. The merit belongs to this collective, which is above individualities; it is the strength of everyone battling for the same dream, which was also the dream of all Argentines… We did it! Argentina, please! We’ll be meeting each other very soon, “Lionel Messi captioned a photo album on Instagram.

The 35-year-old scored twice in the dramatic and tumultuous final, which ended 3-3 after 120 minutes, before the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner netted his spot-kick in the shoot-out, which Argentina won 4-2.

Despite finally realising his lifelong dream of winning the World Cup, Lionel Messi promised to continue playing for his country following the final.

“I want to keep experiencing a few more matches as world champion,” Lionel Messi said after the game to Argentine television.

Lionel Messi, on the other hand, stated that his career was nearly over after the Argentina captain won the one major international prize he lacked.

“Obviously, I’d prefer to end my career with this; I can’t ask for much more. My career is almost ended because these are my final years.” he added



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