“Rickshaw Rani”Twinkle Khanna Enjoys Auto Ride

Twinkle Khanna like to keep things casual and amusing
Twinkle Khanna can be seen pleasantly talking with the auto driver while wearing a lovely patterned blouse and sunglasses.

Here’s why the cover of Twinkle Khanna debut book included a rickshaw.

Twinkle Khanna like to keep things casual and amusing

Twinkle Khanna like to keep things casual and amusing. It would be an understatement to say that she never ceases to amaze us with her witty social media tweets. She just posted a video of herself travelling in an auto with her daughter Nitara. The author also included a comprehensive caption describing a former experience. Twinkle Khanna can be seen pleasantly talking with the auto driver while wearing a lovely patterned blouse and sunglasses. Her intriguing narrative, on the other hand, kept us hooked to her post. “Now you know why my first book [Mrs Funnybones] featured a rickshaw on the cover,” she said.

“As a youngster, my friends used to nickname me ‘Rickshaw Rani,’ and I guess old habits die strong,” she said. “I recall one ride where I began the drive by asking, Bhaisaab, how many years have you been driving this auto?” she said. “Memsaab one year already, before I start embroidery work,” the small driver said. I didn’t enjoy it… but it paid well. I saved and bought seven gold cookies, which are now all gone in my daughter’s marriage. But I still have one gold biscuit at home, so God is gracious.

Twinkle Khanna gave him some “soft” advice

Twinkle Khanna afterwards gave him some “gentle” counsel as he exited the car. “Don’t tell anyone about the gold cookie, bhaisaab!” she added. One never knows what type of individuals exist. Someone may assassinate you.” “He blinked quite manically and in a clichéd tone said, ‘Ma ka doodh piya hai, let someone try, I will slash his neck,” she wrote. “Which was all well and good, Bollywood influences and all,” Twinkle Khanna said, “until he brought out a butcher’s knife from under his seat and exclaimed, “See this!”

“Today, there were no knives, and this turned out to be an unexpected but delightful finale to my last day in town as the little one and I smiled all the way back home,” Twinkle Khanna said of her recent car journey. If you enjoy Bombay with all its craziness, please leave a heart.”

Twinkle Khanna also shared a photo

Prior to this, Twinkle Khanna had a holiday to Goa with her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, and their family. The pair documented their vacation on their separate social media profiles. Twinkle Khanna also shared a photo of herself with her “inflated pink flamingo” pal. “And it’s time to say good-by to my close buddy, the inflated pink flamingo, and to a beautiful holiday in Goa,” she wrote. We were so wonderfully taken care of that it was difficult to say goodbye. “It was genuinely great thanks to Gunjan, Nina, and Ravi,” she wrote in the caption.

Twinkle Khanna spent her birthday in Goa as well. She posted a photo with Akshay Kumar and her family, which included their children Aarav and Nitara. Her post stated, “The ideal birthday with all of my favourite people. Thank you for your kind greetings, and I wish you everyone a fantastic new year.”

Twinkle Khanna is the author of several books, including Pyjamas Are Forgiving, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, and Mrs Funnybones. Her novels were all best-sellers.

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