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Rishabh Pant car crash near Haridwar

Driving from Delhi to Roorkee, Rishabh Pant was involved in a serious car accident near Narsan, Haridwar district, around 90 kilometres from Dehradun.
Rishabh Pant car crash near Haridwar

According to police, the Indian cricket team’s star wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant was alone in the car when his Mercedes GLE crashed into the divider railings on the Delhi-Haridwar highway around 5.30 a.m. The car then spun around a few times before exploding into a ball of fire.

“Hearing the loud crash, nearby villagers and local cops rushed to the scene and pulled him out of the car. He was then taken to a nearby hospital and referred to a major hospital in Dehradun”.

Swapn Kishor Singh, superintendent of police, Haridwar (rural), who was among the cops who rushed to the scene, confirmed the incident.

Rishabh Pant was driving a completely burned-out car

When informed of the injuries, the senior police officer stated, “Rishabh Pant was hurt on the forehead, hand, and right knee. He is, however, conscious and able to communicate. He was driving a completely burned-out car.

He is fortunate to have survived the horrific accident.”

Another police officer, who was present at the accident and asked to remain anonymous, “Pant most likely fell asleep while driving because there was no fog on the road, which could have affected visibility.

Apart from bruises on his back, he has a cut on his left brow and a ligament injury in his right knee.”

“The charred car has been removed for further examination. Because nothing was left inside to verify whether the airbags had opened or not, it is unknown. A probe is currently underway “The officer stated.

Management of Max Hospital Dehradun: where he is receiving treatment, stated that a team of doctors is currently ‘evaluating for any possible internal injury.’

Ajai Singh says, senior superintendent of police in Haridwar, “During the investigation into the accident, police discovered Rs 4,000 in cash, a gold chain, a bracelet, and Pant’s suitcase, which were turned over to his mother.

Passers-by did not steal anything valuable. The investigation is still ongoing.”



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